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thethingsulove's Journal

The Things You Love
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Community Title: The Things You Love
Community Link: thethingsulove
Community Info: I once had a site where you could fill out a form full of stuff that you hate and it went to my e-mail. I would then later post it on my web site. This took up way too much time and became so popular that i had to close it down. So i created the thethingsuhate community. I started talking to a LiveJournal user named nork and he gave me the idea to create a 'Love' community to go along with the 'Hate' community i already had. So i created the thethingsulove community!
Community Rules: Everything posted here has to be something you like, something you enjoy, or something you love.
The LiveJournal Terms of Service apply to this community.

Tell us what you love!

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